Not very

Shortly after Michael Steele was named head of the RNC, I wrote a post called “How Steely is Steele.” The post questioned how resolutely conservative Steele is. It noted that Steele is a creature of Washington, DC and, as such, seems occasionally to absorb the conventional wisdom of that town, which is never conservative.

Steele’s recent remarks about Rush Limbaugh confirm that Steele has again internalized the “inside Washington” conventional wisdom. I can’t think of any other explanation for his comment that, for example, Limbaugh’s program is “ugly.” The fact that, as John notes, Steele doesn’t listen to Rush makes it clear that his conclusions are not based on a body of first-hand information.

The answer to the question, how steely Steele, would seem to be “not very” That also appears to be the answer to question, how savvy is Steele..

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