Reflections on a week away from the blogosphere, Part Two

The feeling I had after exiting the blogopshere for few days this week reminded me of how I felt after I left the Republican National Convention last September. Inside the convention hall, there was great excitement, and no small dose of euphoria, over the selection of Sarah Palin. The words “home-run” and especially “game-changer” seemed to be on almost everyone’s lips.

On the outside, however, sentiment was quite different. Yes, people found Palin intriguing, but they wanted to learn more about her. The game had not changed; rather a new inning had commenced that might or might not tilt the outcome and, if it did, might or might not tilt it in favor of John McCain.

Today, similarly, precincts within the conservative blogosphere see the game changing to President Obama’s significant detriment. On the outside, though, I find people skeptical about the direction in which Obama is taking the country, but not ready to turn decisively against him. They want to see more; in particular, they want to be able to judge the impact of his programs on the economy and to see the shape of his future programs.

From a policy perspective, the game is changing. Politically, however, we are simply starting a new inning that might or might not change the score in favor of one party or the other.


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