Rush says thanks

Rush Limbaugh has posted a transcript of his remarks on-air today acknowledging the conservative voices who have spoken up in his defense. It is a group in whose good company we are proud to be counted. At the bottom of the transcript is a handy collection of links to some of the columns and posts that Rush cites in his remarks.

JOHN adds: As I recall–it’s been a long time–one of the theories of “justice” that Plato deliberates in The Republic is along the lines of “help your friends, hurt your enemies.” That wasn’t the winning entry, of course, but I’ve always had a certain amount of sympathy for it.

If you can’t stand by your friends and allies in times of trouble, what good are you? Not much, in my book. There are some Republicans, I think, who ought to take the lesson to heart. Few things drive me crazier than ostensible conservatives who, somehow, have harsh words only for Republicans; rarely Democrats. We conservatives are not numerous enough for schism to be a good idea, so let’s stick together.


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