Siegelman Conviction Upheld

The 11th Circuit of Appeals has upheld the bribery conviction of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. The case became a minor cause of the far Left; we wrote about it here and elsewhere. Liberals , many of whom treated Siegelman as a hero, peddled the absurd claim–unsupported by any evidence–that Karl Rove was behind the prosecution. In fact, while the evidence against Siegelman may have been less than overwhelming, his prosecution reflects the priority the DOJ has put on political corruption, not some non-existent political influence. Which didn’t stop the Associated Press from repeating the liberals’ slander against Rove:

Siegelman has claimed his prosecution was pushed by Republicans, including former White House adviser Karl Rove, a claim career federal prosecutors who handled the case have emphatically denied. Rove, a Texas strategist, was once heavily involved in Alabama politics.

The AP manages to convey the impression that there could be something to Siegelman’s claim, despite its inherent implausibility and the complete absence of any evidence to support it. Typical.

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