Terrorist Strike Averted

On Saturday, a major terrorist attack was foiled in Haifa, when a stolen Subaru in a mall parking lot was found to contain 100 kilograms of explosives:

The explosives were packed into a number of bombs and mixed with ball bearings to make the blast even more deadly. …

A chilling scenario was sketched out by a police source on Sunday, who said the attackers could have been aiming to use their car bomb to set other parked vehicles on fire and trigger a chain reaction of exploding fuel tanks.

“Had the car bomb exploded, the majority of the cars in the parking lot would have gone up in flames. The gasoline in them could have exploded. This would have been a major terrorist attack,” the source said.

Israeli authorities attribute the plot to Hamas:

The recent spate of terrorist attacks, including Saturday night’s averted attack in Haifa and last week’s slaying of two traffic policemen in the Jordan Valley, seems an indication Hamas is concerned about paying too heavy a price for rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, and is trying now to stage attacks from the West Bank instead, government sources said on Sunday.

No doubt, when the Obama administration starts holding talks with them, Hamas’s leaders will repent of their murderous ways.


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