The shout heard ’round the world

I’d never heard of Daniel Hannan before I saw a brief interview with him on FOX News earlier this week. In the face of the government juggernaut led by President Obama, Hannan encouraged Americans to stand up and be Americans.

Hannan had caught the attention of FOX News because his video takedown of Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the European Parliament — of which he is a Conservative member — had gone viral. The video has now had more than a million views. (I borrow the heading for this post from Neil Cavuto’s interview with Hannan here.)

Andrew Ian Dodge tells the story of the Hannan video and provides informative background on Hannan here. I infer from Dodge’s report that Hannan supported Obama during our presidential election campaign, which is disappointing. Nevertheless, the gentleman at Right Truth observes: “He would be a great guest for an American Tea Party.”

And listening to him, I wonder: Where is our Daniel Hannan?

UPDATE: Might he be holed up at an undisclosed location in New Hampshire and communicating via NRO?

UCLA Law Professor Daniel Lowenstein writes: “I met Daniel Hannan a few years ago at a Liberty Fund conference. He was most impressive. If anything, I was surprised by his rhetoric in the YouTube clip. He is by no means simply a strong orator. There is a lot of substance and a serious mind. If he achieves a position of political leadership, it will be a very good thing both for the UK and for the world.”


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