A convenient pretext?

One of the lead stories in the forthcoming City Journal is Peter Huber’s blast of common sense on how subsidizing inefficient alternative energies is going to drive big energy users overseas to heavier polluting countries, hurting us economically and actually increasing carbon emissions globally. Huber’s article is Bound to burn.”

Huber points out in the article that we don’t control the global supply of carbon. We don’t control the global supply either of oil or of coal. And we no longer control the global demand for carbon. Poor countries do, and they have no commitment to their continued poverty through increasing the costs of carbon consumption.

Huber allows the intelligent reader to apply the reality principle to the harebrained “cap and trade” scheme with which the Obama administration seeks to fund its big government programs and mitigate the purported problem of anthropogenic global warming. Huber’s blast of common sense is almost enough to lead one to believe that the latter is a convenient pretext for the former.


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