Another 4-4 classic

Add Tuesday’s 4-4 draw between Arsenal and Liverpool to the list of 4-4 soccer classics. Liverpool fought back several times, including a goal just before the end of “stoppage” time, to salvage the draw.

However, the Shite’s failure to win represents a huge, and possibly fatal, blow to their championship hopes. LIverpool has been involved in three of the most memorable 4-4 classics, and in each case would have been about as well-served by a loss.

I still say that Michael Caine and “the Allies” are at the top of the all-time 4-4 draw list.

In other news, Everton’s 0-0 draw at Chelsea yesterday provides some evidence that the FA Cup final a month from now won’t be walk-over for Chelsea, at least not as long as we have Tim Howard in goal. it also essentially ends Chelsea’s championship hopes, as their outstanding manager, Guus Hiddink, admitted after the match.


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