Court Finds For Franken

The three-judge court that has been hearing Senator Norm Coleman’s election contest ruled for Franken today, finding that he received more votes in November’s election. As expected, the court rejected Coleman’s equal protection arguments and found that there were no serious or systemic problems with the state’s conduct of the election.

So far, I’ve only seen the linked news account and not read the court’s decision, so it’s hard to say more at present. But the decision was inevitable given the rulings the court had already made.

Presumably Coleman will follow up, as promised, with an appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

SCOTT adds: The election contest court has posted its findings of fact, conclusions of law and order for judgment. The Coleman campaign has issued a statement by Ben Ginsberg stating that it will appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Anticipating this outcome, I tried to account for it last week in “Minnesota 101.”


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