Fit for a Queen

We anticipated last month that President Obama might redeem himself after giving Prime Minister Brown the unplayable 25-DVD set of classic American films when he met the Queen. We thought he might give her some special gifts, speculating (courtesy of Scott Ott’s White House sources) that the “CD box set Queen: The Crown Jewels, or a queen-sized mattress” would be just the ticket.

In the event, according to Jake Tapper, Obama outdid himself. He extended the Queen, not Queen’s greatest hits, but rather Obama’s greatest hits and more. Tapper reports that Obama gave the Queen an iPod loaded with fabulosities including Broadway show tunes, photos of Obama’s inauguration, audio of then-state senator Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and audio of Obama 2009 inaugural address. Unfortunately, Obama must have forgotten the autographed compact disc of himself reading Dreams From My Father on the tarmac in Washington. Maybe next time!


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