Know-Nothings on the March, Part II

Anarchists and other kooks are protesting the G20 meeting in London, many of them lawlessly. Demonstrators broke into and looted a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland. This footage from the Telegraph shows anarchists menacing a large force of British police, who react passively:

One wonders whether British police have reached the regrettable stage at which they are capable only of terrorizing the law-abiding but are helpless in the face of actual law-breakers.

I did like, though, this response from some office workers in the City:

They were met by derision from City workers, who waved £10 notes from their offices at marchers on the streets below.

UPDATE: This photo is from the attack on the Royal Bank of Scotland; the “protester” is hurling a computer terminal stolen from the bank:


In this photo, taken outside the Bank of England, a policeman has just been hit with a burning object:


This kind of thing really can’t be permitted. When I was much younger I participated in a number of demonstrations, all of them, I now think, misguided. But it never would have occurred to us, in those days, that we could attack police officers in this manner with impunity.


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