Que sera, sera

Whatever will be will be
We’re going to Wem-ber-ley
Que sera, sera

Fabled Wembley Stadium, that is, for an FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United.

Kick off in 45 minutes; update to follow.

UPDATE: We did it on penalty kicks after two hours of a scoreless draw. Tim Howard, formerly of Man U, saved two spot kicks. Our scorers were Leighton Baines (who put us on course after Tim Cahill had missed the first penatly); James Vaughn (the 20 year-old sub was making his first appearance in five months after another terrible injury); Phil Neville (our captain was cool as you like against his former team); and Phil Jaglielka (redeeming himself for his miss in the shoot-out against Fiorentina in last year’s UEFA Cup).

In fairness to Man U, they played their second-string except, importantly, the two center backs (three more regulars came on as subs). The Mancs competed in the European semi-finals a few days ago and have a key league match coming up in another few days, as they battle to hold off Liverpool for the Premiership crown. Sir Alex Ferguson must have thought his second team could beat us while Rooney, Ronaldo, etc, rested. He wasn’t far wrong. But now Man U’s dream of winning all five competitions it entered this year (its triple in 1999 was amazing enough) is dead.

Our reward is a trip to FA Cup finals against Chelsea. If Man U is the best or second best team in Europe right now, I rate Chelsea third best. And Chelsea probably won’t be resting anyone.

Que sera, sera.


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