The word from Tea Party Central

The New York Post calls on Glenn Reynolds to explain what those Tea Parties taking place around the country are all about. Glenn finds in them a kind of energy our politics hasn’t seen lately:

AROUND America, taxpayers have had enough. Fed up with excessive spending, planned tax increases and a federal government that first caused the financial bubble through misregulation, and then grabbed power in order to “fix” it, they’re hitting the streets to protest.

At Instapundit Glenn has become something like the official chronicler of the Tea Party movement. Searching “tea party” on his site turns up an impressive array of documentation, right up to the minute. In one of his latest comments, Glenn observes: “BRUCE BARTLETT WONDERS WHY TEA-PARTIERS ARE PROTESTING, as the United States remains a comparatively low-tax country. I think the protest isn’t about the present, but about where people fear the country is heading. And, once again, it’s time for this graphic [below]. In addition, there’s the question of where the tax money is going. . . .”


As compared with the higher tax countries that are referred to in the chart at Glenn’s link, Americans seek to support larger families than do the citizens of Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, France and Norway, to take the top five highest tax OECD countries. Among other things at present, demography distinguishes us from these countries.


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