Who says the MSM has no shame?

On Sunday, the Washington Post ran a front-page story claiming that the harsh interrogation of the terrorist Abu Zubaida) did not cause “a single significant plot [to be] foiled.” I criticized the Post’s piece here. Marc Thiessen did a more comprehensive take-down here.

Now, Thiessen reports that the rest of the MSM has shied away from the Post’s story on the grounds that it is “awful.” Thiessen writes:

Since I posted my rebuttal here on Sunday to the front-page story in the Washington Post about the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, I’ve been contacted by several reporters from MSM outlets. One after another, they’ve told me what an awful story the Post ran, and that my piece taking apart the Post’s reporting was a lot closer to the truth that what appeared in the newspaper.

As one reporter put it to me this morning: Have you seen any other mainstream news outlet pick up or follow up on the Post story? There’s a reason for that.

Indeed, the silence of the MSM has been a deafening indictment of the Post — and a more effective rebuttal than anything I wrote.


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