Why is this man bowing? part 3

The Washington Post has yet to run a story on President Obama’s bow to the King of Saudi Arabia. The Post is not alone. It is a story that has the status of a great unmentionable among the MSM and apparently even on FOX News.

Washington Post White House reporter Michael Fletcher fielded an online question on the subject yesterday:

Michael A. Fletcher: Good morning, everyone. With the G-20, NATO, and the budget on the agenda, there is much to talk about. Let’s get started.

Fairfax, Va.: What’s with the deep bow that President Obama gave to the King of Saudi Arabia?

It’s bad enough when Americans bow or curtsy to the Queen of England (which the Obamas did not do) — but the King of Saudi Arabia? Why did Obama feel the need for this act of obeisance or reverence?

Good question! It’s really not too difficult, but it stumps the Washington Post’s White House reporter:

Michael A. Fletcher: I’m not sure what the etiquette is for such greetings, but I’m sure the president was only trying to convey respect to the leader of a nation with which the US has a crucial–and complicated–relationship. Remember some years ago when President Bush touched cheeks with and held the hand of a Saudi monarch during a visit to his Texas ranch? Another sign of respect. I would not make too much of it.

Let’s just say Fletcher hasn’t given it much thought or availed himself of the tools of the trade to determine “what the etiquette is for such greetings.” If he did, of course, he might find there’s a story here.


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