A cheap shot from Lindsey Graham

During a hearing last week on “torture,” Sen. Lindsey Graham stated:

My goal is to have a process, Mr. Zelikow, that would allow us as a nation to hold our head up high and say, “no one is in jail at Guantanamo Bay because Dick Cheney said so. The only people that are in jail at Guantanamo Bay are there because the evidence presented to an independent judiciary by our military passed muster with the judicial system–they’re there because they’re a military threat.” And that when we try these people, they’re tried not because we hate them, but because of what they did.

To my knowledge, there is no support for the proposition that Cheney decided who would be jailed at Guantanamo Bay; nor do I know of anyone who, prior to Graham’s remarks, was saying that the former vice president did this ( the left is saying this now, of course). In any event, absent any evidence that Cheney made decisions on the detention of individual prisoners, it is frivolous to suggest that insinuations to the contrary are of any concern.

If Graham believes that such insinuations are harmful to the country, he should refrain from making them.

Here is the preening Sen. Graham taking his cheap shot:


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