Americans Oppose GM Bailout

One of the most striking features of the young Obama administration is that whatever personal popularity the President enjoys has not carried over to his policies. Obama is currently enjoying a bounce due to greater approval by Hispanics–the result of the Sotomayor nomination–but once again, that bounce fails to be reflected in the realm of policy.

Rasmussen finds today that by a 67 percent to 21 percent margin, voters “oppose a plan for the federal government to give General Motors an additional $50 billion to buy 70% of the company.” Only 18 percent say the government will do a good job of running GM. (It would be interesting to know how many of those 18 percent are union members.)

These are absolutely brutal numbers. Along with much other similar data, they suggest that while most Americans find Obama personable and like the idea of an African-American President, he has failed pretty much completely to swing a majority of the country behind his often-radical ideas. Therein lie the seeds of what could be deep trouble for the Democrats in years to come.


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