Art: What Is It?

Ann Althouse, whom I respect greatly, is a photographer of some note. She came across this “backroads mural” in southern Ohio:


That’s not art, of course, just some country yahoo’s ignorant sentiment. Still, there is something about that face…

Well, if you want to see “art,” one place you can go is the Art Institute of Chicago–a terrific museum–where, in the new modern art wing, which is itself beautiful, you can see this installation, among many others:


The New York Times described this work as “a greatly enlarged box of tissues with a culvert.” That’s true, as far as it goes, but it fails to account for the apparent urinal on the far wall and the outlines of states on the walls. Never mind: it’s art. The poor dumb bastard who painted the prayer for our troops was doing something else. Not “art.” Whatever it was, I’ll take it.


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