Headwinds For the Left

A series of polls reported over the last few days by Scott Rasmussen paint an interesting picture of an electorate that may be on the eve of what the Democrats intend to be the most radical transformation in our history.

By a 77 percent to 14 percent margin, voters say the big problem in the United States is politicians’ unwillingness to cut spending, not the electorate’s unwillingness to pay more taxes.

By a 47 percent to 18 percent margin, respondents believe the government will do a bad job, not a good job, of running GM and Chrysler.

By a 75 percent to 13 percent margin, Americans think it is more important to develop new sources of energy than to require auto-makers to produce more fuel-efficient cars.

By a 66 percent to 24 percent margin, voters oppose a federal bailout for California.

All of which suggests that the voters’ attitude toward the Democrats’ agenda is one of less than wild enthusiasm. Why people vote for politicians who propose to do things that they oppose is a topic for another day.


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