High Noon for the Taxinator

In voting that is going on today, California voters are expected to reject a series of tax-raising ballot initiatives intended to cover the state’s $40 billion-plus deficit over the next two years. If the initiatives fail, California’s legislature will have to start cutting the budget.

California is finally paying the price for years of fiscal mismanagement. Its governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a sad case. When he speaks about America as a land of opportunity he can be as inspiring as any politician (or businessman). He clearly understands how free enterprise works and how it can be choked by government. Yet, as governor of California, he seemingly lacked the will or the conviction to buck the liberal tide. After some early setbacks, he appeared to throw in his lot with the state’s liberal establishment. It’s not what we expected from a man who not only played action heroes in the movies, but in a real sense was one himself.

But those days are long gone, and Arnold’s legacy has gone up in smoke along with his conservative convictions. This photoshop by W. C. Varones comes via Michelle Malkin:



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