Kathleen Sings

Kathleen Stewart is a jazz singer who lives in Michigan. She and her brother are conservatives; he is a lyricist and she writes and performs music. At her web site, you can download her internet smash “It Ain’t Your Money to Spend,” written in response to the “stimulus” bill, for free, and other tunes like “Just Say ‘No’ to Socialism” for 99 cents. Kathleen has recorded enough songs for a CD soon to be released under the title “Take Back America.”

Last Thursday, I emceed a private event in the Twin Cities. We invited Kathleen to perform. She did a number of conservative songs, including the irresistible “It Ain’t Your Money…” which you can listen to by hitting the Play button:

If you are putting on a gathering of conservatives and are looking for sophisticated musical entertainment, I would highly recommend Kathleen. She did an excellent (and highly affordable!) job for us; it is fun to have some talented artists on our side of the fence. You can contact her through the web site linked above.


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