The Compleat Mark Steyn

During a recent stint teaching journalism at Hillsdale College, Mark Steyn delivered a lecture that he has adapted into the essay “Live free or die.” In the essay Mark pursues many of the themes that he has taken up in his recent columns and in America Alone. The essay is featured in the current issue of Hillsdale’s popular monthly publication Imprimis.

Here Mark praises Hillsdale in the Age of Obama:

As all of you know, Hillsdale College takes no federal or state monies. That used to make it an anomaly in American education. It’s in danger of becoming an anomaly in America, period. Maybe it’s time for Hillsdale College to launch the Hillsdale Insurance Agency, the Hillsdale Motor Company and the First National Bank of Hillsdale. The executive supremo at Bank of America is now saying, oh, if only he’d known what he knows now, he wouldn’t have taken the government money. Apparently it comes with strings attached. Who knew? Sure, Hillsdale College did, but nobody else.

It’s an essay full of timely instruction, presented in Mark’s customary style. You will want to read it all.


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