The Crisis That Isn’t

If you place these two Rasmussen poll results side by side, you can see the risk the Democrats face in trying to implement some version of socialized medicine. First, the vast majority of Americans who have health insurance–70 percent in this survey–rate their own medical insurance “good” or “excellent.” Even if you include the uninsured, 62 percent rate their own health care “good” or “excellent.” This is consistent with a large body of survey data indicating that while Americans may believe that our health care system has problems, they are generally satisfied with their own care.

Meanwhile, just 32 percent are willing to pay higher taxes to provide health insurance for all. It isn’t hard to conclude that an Obama administration proposal that results in giant tax increases while worsening the quality of most people’s health care will soon become highly unpopular.

Hence Obama’s resort to magic, claiming that the vast costs of his health care proposals can somehow be covered by “savings” that the industry is capable of achieving, but for some reason hasn’t bothered to attain so far. Earlier today, Obama’s magical plan to realize $2 trillion in savings went up in smoke.


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