The Over-Under On Pelosi (Bumped)

I wrote yesterday that it is hard to see how Nancy Pelosi can retain her post as Speaker of the House after accusing the CIA of “lying” to her and “misleading the Congress.” Hence this poll: how long can she hang on?

Initially, our readers were skeptical: 60 percent predicted that Pelosi would ride out the storm and retain her post. But that was before Leon Panetta’s push-back. The consensus, I think, is that Pelosi is a liar who put on a horrifyingly self-destructive spectacle in her press conference, in which she accused the CIA of misleading Congress “all the time.” Thus, I think it’s time to revisit the question: can Pelosi survive? And if so, for how long? If you’ve already voted, you can vote once every 24 hours:

How many days before Nancy Pelosi resigns as Speaker of the House?
Don’t get excited, she’ll ride it out.
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Michael Ramirez sums up the public’s verdict on Pelosi:



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