Tune in Tomorrow

Lately, I’ve been remiss in failing to plug the radio show that I do every Saturday from 11 to 1 central on AM 1280 the Patriot with Brian “St. Paul” Ward of Fraters Libertas. I won’t say it’s the best local radio show in the country–Jim Vicevich, Scott Hennen and others would have something to say about that. I will say it’s pretty darn good.

Tomorrow we’ll be talking politics as usual, and we’ll feature the Loon of the Week and This Week in Gatekeeping, our booby prize to a mainstream media dinosaur. In addition, starting at 12:00 central, 1:00 eastern, we’ll be talking with Michael Barone, the dean of American political commentators. It should be a great show. Go to the Patriot site linked above to listen on the web, and don’t hesitate to call in: we’ve had callers from as far away as China, via Skype. Please join us for what shapes up as a terrific show.


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