Tune In Tomorrow Morning…

…at 7:05 central time, 8:05 eastern, when I will be on Bill Bennett’s radio show. There are many places where you can listen on the web, including AM 1280 the Patriot, where Bill and his producer Seth Leibsohn will be tomorrow morning. As Scott noted yesterday, Bill is touring the country with other Salem radio hosts like Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved and Dennis Prager, talking about the first 100 days of the Obama administration. Scott was in studio with Bill and Seth this morning, discussing the future of the GOP.

Bill and Seth had a day off in their schedule today, so they stayed in the Twin Cities and will broadcast from the Patriot again tomorrow morning. Tonight Scott and I had the great pleasure of enjoying dinner with Bill and Seth at Manny’s, one of the country’s great steakhouses. If you’re a fan of Bill’s show and have thought that Bill and Seth would be great fun to spend an evening with, you’re right. The only down-side of a drive-time radio show is that they have to retire at an absurdly early hour, so Scott and I ate dessert by ourselves. Tomorrow morning at 7:05 central, I’ll be on Bill’s show to talk about the Obama administration’s flip-flop on the “detainee abuse” photos and anything else that may come up. Tune in–it should be fun.


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