Bad Taste Award for 2009

Ed Morrissey pointed out this story to me this morning at the radio station: BritneySpears to star in Holocaust film:

Spears, who is currently in the process of successfully resuscitating her recently languishing music career with her global “Circus” tour, is reportedly reviewing a script for a film tentatively titled “The Yellow Star of Sophia and Eton.” The flick would see her playing a character named Sophia LaMont who travels back in time to fall in love with a Jewish concentration camp prisoner named Eton. In a tricky critique of ongoing anti-Semitism, the script concludes with the lovebirds travelling back to the present day before being killed by Nazis.

This is evidently a straight news story from Der Spiegel, not a parody. Jewish groups in Germany are up in arms, but I think they can relax. The chances of this movie ever making it to the screen are, I suspect, slim.


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