Evidence of decline at Dartmouth College, Part Two

In a previous post, I passed along a report that suggested a sharp decline in the Classics Department at Dartmouth. I’ve now been told that the department will not offer any seminars in the coming academic year. The course schedule for the department says: “Senior Seminar ***WITHDRAWN DUE TO BUDGET CUTS***”

Normally, as I understand it, taking a seminar in a subject area is a prerequisite for majoring in that area. But since the Classics Department will not be offering any seminars, some Classics major will be unable to meet this requirement.

Apparently, the department will cobble together some sort of alternative requirement — a major paper and consultations with a professor in the department, or some such thing. But budget cuts or not, it seems disgraceful that Dartmouth will not offer its Classics majors a real life seminar.


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