Funniest Blog Post of the Day

I checked out Patterico’s site tonight, partly because he sent me an email about a post he did contrasting what is happening in Iran with today’s big news story about President Obama: his trip to a local ice cream shop to buy his daughters frozen custard. But that isn’t really a fair comparison; it’s not like Obama should have been holed up in a war room somewhere.

This was the Patterico post that struck me as particularly funny:

How You Know We’re Not Really in a Budget Crisis

Because if we were, Obama wouldn’t be spending money on stuff like this:

The federal government is spending $423,500 to find out why men don’t like to wear condoms . . .

I’ll tell you for half that.

All I can say is: Let’s not start a bidding war.

Seriously, though: does anyone actually believe that when the government gets away from its core competencies–national defense, law enforcement, highway construction–it spends our money more wisely than we would have?


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