Hate Speech on CBS

In the mainstream popular culture, it’s been open season on Sarah Palin since last fall’s campaign. It’s an interesting question why the assault on Governor Palin continues, but, for whatever reason, she has been subjected to more abuse–frequently obscene–than any public figure in memory. Left-winger David Letterman mocked her on his late night show on CBS, referring among other things to her “slutty flight attendant look.” It is hard to imagine such sexist vituperation being heaped on any other American politician:

Not content with that high-class humor, Letterman added a “joke” about 14-year-old Willow Palin being “knocked up by Alex Rodriguez” during a Yankees game:

What a creep! Over the years, I’ve watched a total of perhaps an hour of Letterman’s show; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him say anything funny. But he is not alone in the belief that where Governor Palin and her family are concerned, anything goes.

Malia Obama will turn fourteen during her father’s term in office. What do you think the chances are that Letterman (or anyone else) will make obscene jokes about her on network television?


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