Making a mark

We’ve written about the great strides made recently by the Washington Examiner. This piece in the Washington Independent takes notice of these strides and of the role my friend Mark Tapscott has played in taking them:

Since the November 2008 election, the Examiner has beefed up its staff and pulled prominent right-leaning reporters and pundits away from publications like The American Spectator and National Review. Tapscott and a growing staff of political and opinion writers are carving out an identity as the conservative version of the left-leaning opinion and investigative journalism sites that — in the view of many conservatives — have used reporting to embarrass conservatives and the Republican Party.

The article quotes something Mark wrote in 2004, when he was at the Heritage Foundation, about how great it would be for a newspaper to harness the talents of “Hindrocket, The Big Trunk, and Deacon.” It turns out that Mark was thinking small; today his paper is harnessing the talents of Michael Barone, Byron York, Newt Gingrich, Hugh Hewitt, Tim Carney, David Freddoso, Scott Ott, Chris Stirewalt, Matthew Sheffield, and others.

Oh, and “Deacon” contributes once a month.


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