Reality Intrudes, Once Again

I saw a headline today to the effect that Vice-President Cheney “defended harsh interrogations” in Congressional briefings some years ago. Wow, there is a news flash: Dick Cheney thinks it’s OK to put the heat on terrorists if necessary to save American lives! Who knew? Of course, neither the “attention grab” nor putting a caterpillar in a terrorist’s cell nor waterboarding the terrorist does the slightest harm to the person being interrogated.

Our enemies–I mean Islamic terrorists, not members of the Republican Party, pro-life advocates or 2nd Amendment partisans–have quite different standards:


Tourist Edwin Dyer was captured on the border between Niger and Mali and held hostage for more than four months before claims of his murder emerged.

The Briton and three tourists – two Swiss citizens and a German woman also taken hostage – were returning from a music festival, near Timbuktu, on January 22.

Terror group al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghrebsaid (AQIM) said on a website it had killed Mr Dyer and that disbelievers would be “smitten in the neck”. A London newspaper reported that the hostage had been beheaded.

They’d behead you, too, if they had the opportunity. We’re all depending on Barack Obama and his appointees to make sure that doesn’t happen. Whether they are as serious about defending us as the terrorists are about attacking us is a question to which we do not yet know the answer.


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