Them changes

In the savory Buddy Miles song “Them Changes,” the singer complains that he feels he’s going out of his mind. Of this much I am certain. Jeremiah Wright continues to go through “them changes.” It is “them changes” that first attracted Barack Obama to him.

Yesterday Wright complained that he had been unable to speak with his most prominent former parishioner because of “them Jews.” That seemed clear enough. Wright apparently feels that Rahm Emanuel is preventing him from getting through to Obama.

Today, however, Wright “clarified” his remarks. When he said “Jews,” he really meant “Zionists.” Wright claims that he misspoke in haste.

This is one of those “clarifications” that itself requires clarification. Who are the “Zioniists” preventing Reverend Wright from reuniting with President Obama?

JOHN adds: This is really sinister. For several decades now, Arab terrorists have slyly told the world that they don’t hate Jews, only “Zionists.” “Zionists” are defined as Jews who are within range. For Wright to adopt this evasion seems telling, even given what we already knew about him.


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