Who Pays For Your Vacation?

I noted earlier tonight that all American taxpayers are paying for the Uighurs’ indefinite vacation in Bermuda, but that is very much the exception to the rule. Most of us never find anyone willing to pay for our vacations. If you’re a Congressman, though, that rule doesn’t necessarily apply.

We’ve written several times about Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison’s hajj to Mecca, most recently here. A spokesman for Ellison, the first Muslim Congressman, first claimed that he paid for the pilgrimage himself. Later it was reported that the Muslim American Society paid for the trip, which MAS spokesman Mahdi Bray heatedly denied, describing the report as a “myth” and “urban legend” that couldn’t possibly be true because “that would be a breach of congressional ethics.” Bray’s denial, however, quietly became inoperative.

A few days ago members of Congress filed their annual disclosure forms, listing travel payments and reimbursements by private entities. Ellison’s form put to rest any lingering question about who paid for his two-week trip to Saudi Arabia (via Fraters Libertas); click to enlarge:


So, as we reported, the Muslim American Society of Minnesota paid for Ellison’s two-week pilgrimage/vacation. Is that a bad thing? It depends on what you think of MAS, which was founded as the American branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that spawned all of the leading Sunni terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, Hamas and others. You can read about MAS here. Its pro-terrorist, anti-American orientation continues to this day.

Here in Minnesota, the MAS is notorious for stirring up trouble in various ways. One would think, therefore, that Ellison’s close association with, and indebtedness to, that controversial organization might be newsworthy.


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