X-Box Outrage

This is one of those news stories you can hardly believe: al Qaeda has produced an X-Box game called Rendition: Guantanamo with the aid of a company called–appropriately enough–“2009 T-Enterprise Scotland – Seduce By Technology.” T-Enterprise is said to be one of the top game developers in the U.K. I’ve seen no information about who owns or runs it, but it has a history of producing left-wing material. The game stars al Qaeda member Moazzam Begg, who is now on the loose after being released from Guantanamo Bay. Here is a summary of the evidence of Begg’s involvement with terrorism:

The primary exhibit, the Unclassified Summary of Evidence (Exhibit R-l), indicates, among other things, that:

The Detainee is a member of Al Qaida and other affiliated terrorist organizations; the Detainee recruited individuals to attend AI Qaida run terrorist training camps in Afghanistan; the Detainee provided money and material support to Al Qaida terrorist training camps; and that the Detainee has received extensive training at Al Qaida run terrorist trainng camps since 1993. The Detainee has been trained on the AK-47, rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), handguns, ambush theory, detection of land mines and the manufacture of improvised grenades; the Detainee provided support to Al Qaida terrorists by providing shelter for their families while the Al Qaida members committed terrorist acts; the Detainee engaged in hostile acts against the United States or its coalition Partners; the Detainee was armed and prepared to fight on the front lines against US and allied forces alongside Taliban and Al Qaida fighters; the Detainee retreated to the Tora Bora Afghanistan along with other Taliban and Al Qaida fighters; the Detainee engaged in these hostile actions while neither he nor his fellow fighters wore distinctive military emblems on their clothes, nor followed a typical chain of command; the Detainee provided support to Usama Bin Laden’s Al Qaida terrorist network with full knowledge that Bin Laden had issued a declaration of war against the United States and that the AI Qaida network had committed numerous terrorist attacks against the United States and its citizens.

In Rendition: Guantanamo, the player plays the part of Moazzam Begg and tries to kill as many American soldiers as possible while escaping from Guantanamo. The game’s introduction asserts, among other things, the absurdity that the player has been subjected to “illegal scientific experiments” at Gitmo. Here is the trailer for Rendition: Guantanamo:

What a disgusting production! Tom Joscelyn has much more, and you can get emails to protest the “game” here.


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