Sotomayor: Mission Accomplished, Sort Of

The Rasmussen survey, which initially found that the Sotomayor confirmation hearing was having little or no effect on public opinion, now finds that in the end, the nominee got a good bounce:

Rasmussen Reports national telephone polling conducted Wednesday and Thursday night shows that 44% favor Sotomayor’s confirmation while 37% are opposed. That’s a big bounce from yesterday when just 37% favored her confirmation.

I interpret that as a sign that Sotomayor’s impersonation of a conservative worked. Still, this seems remarkable:

Forty-five percent (45%) hold a favorable opinion of Sotomayor while 46% hold an unfavorable view.

It must be frustrating, sometimes, to be a liberal. When John Roberts and Sam Alito testified before the Judiciary Committee, they didn’t have to misrepresent their views by pretending to be liberals. But Sonia Sotomayor had to pretend to subscribe to a conservative view of the law and the role of judges. To the extent that Americans saw this and believed it, support for her confirmation grew.


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