News From Iran

On Thursday, three National Guardsmen from Minnesota were killed in a rocket attack on the base in southern Iraq where their unit, the 34th “Red Bull” Infantry Division, was providing security. Today the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the attack was carried out by members of an Iranian-trained militia, apparently with Iranian-made weapons:

Iraqi authorities have arrested a member of an Iranian-backed militia for the missile attack that killed three soldiers from the Minnesota National Guard. …
During a search of the house where the suspect and an aide were arrested, Iraqi officials said, they seized four Iranian-made rockets and documents listing names of Iraqi officials to be targeted.
The men, who were arrested Friday night, told Iraqi authorities that they had been instructed in Iran to “plant improvised explosive devices, scare citizens and destabilize the country,” said an Iraqi official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The is the kind of small matter–killing our troops–that foreign policy “realists” argue we shouldn’t let stand in the way of friendly relations with repellent regimes.
Speaking of repellent–this is one of the most disgusting stories I’ve ever seen. It seems that the Iranian regime, which likes to execute young girls and boys for imagined crimes, has a problem: it’s illegal to execute a virgin. You could solve that problem, presumably, by not executing teenage girls, but that isn’t the mullahs’ way. You can read the linked article in the Jerusalem Post for the sordid details. Via Mark Steyn, who adds:

Must be convenient to have a legal code that obliges all your pathologies.


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