Bunkering Down

Remember candidate Barack Obama’s pledge to run a “transparent” administration? Already, that seems like a relic of another era. Apart from Obama’s violation of specific campaign promises, e.g. that all legislation would be posted online for a certain number of days before he signed it so it could be read by the public, the administration is increasingly determined to keep the American people in the dark and out of the loop. Its anti-democratic effort to ram socialized medicine through Congress before Congressmen, let alone the public, have an opportunity to read the bill is but the worst of many examples. Michael Ramirez sees the White House as so opaque that it is turning into a bunker. That’s my interpretation, anyway; click to enlarge:
UPDATE: Dafydd ab Hugh points out that “every single picture on Barack H. Obama’s desk is a photo of — Barack H. Obama.” That’s all part of being in a bunker, I guess.


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