Keep Your Friends Close…

Paul’s column in today’s Examiner applies the Godfather’s adage–keep your friends close and your enemies closer–to President Obama’s foreign policy. Getting close to our enemies has been no problem for Obama, but he seems to have forgotten the first part of the injunction, as his administration has systematically distanced itself from, and placed itself in opposition to, our friends–Great Britain, Israel and India. Paul offers possible explanations for the seeming perversity of Obama’s foreign policy:

Why has Obama violated the intuitively obvious portion of the Godfather’s adage? Perhaps there is a side of him that harbors contempt for nations that find large amounts of common ground with the U.S., a country for which Obama himself feels the need constantly to apologize.
Or perhaps, Obama sees himself as a philosopher king, a “neutral” who stands above the “usual politics” of favoring particular nations. From this lofty, ahistorical perch, it may be possible to view Britain as “the same as the other 190 countries in the world.”

It’s an excellent column; read it all.
PAUL adds: Abe Greenwald captures the perversity of Obama’s foreign policy in 12 words: “if you’re an enemy we’re sorry; if you’re a friend you’re sorry.” Abe’s piece pertains to our relations with Georgia, one of several examples I was unable to wedge into my 1,000 word column.