The head-count on Judge Sotomayor

Ed Whelan has been keeping track of where Republican Senators stand on Judge Sotomayor. He counts 26 Republicans who have come out against her confirmation and 6 who say they will vote to confirm. That leaves eight who are undecided. They are: Barrasso, Bond, Ensign, Enzi, Gregg, McCain, Murkowski, and Voinovich.
My guess is that there are a few “no” votes in this group. Assuming, that all of the Dems vote to confirm, Sotomayor’s total will probably be in the very low 70s, as I expected. If a few Dems are too infirm to make the vote (don’t expect any no votes from this lot) or if most of the undecided Republicans vote “no,” her total will be in the high 60s.
So while Lindsey Graham succeeded in his quest for obtain praise from the liberal MSM, he did not succeed in inspiring his Republican colleagues to grant more deference to Democratic presidents than Democratic Senators grant Republican presidents.


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