Good grief, Part Two

The Washington Post reports that South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford connived to have a team of state employees and U.S. Embassy officials set up trade-related meetings for him in Buenos Aires and then insisted on a “light schedule” while he was there. Sanford admits seeing his mistress during the trip.

According to the Post, Sanford decided to accompany his state’s Brazil trade delegation for some dove hunting in Argentina’s countryside. He then parlayed that into a trip to Buenos Aires, making sure he would have plenty of free time there. His itinerary for June 27, 2008 stated that he would do “self-guided sightseeing.” That turned out to be a euphemism for spending the day with his girlfriend.

Sanford thus arranged to visit his Argentine mistress at the taxpayers’ expense. Having betrayed not just his wife but the people of South Carolina, he surely should step down as governor. By refusing to do so, he further disgraces himself and embarrasses the Republican party.


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