Honor the Jackson Five

The publicity that surrounded Michael Jackson’s death rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, including the relatives of 1st Lieutenant Brian Bradshaw, who was killed in Afghanistan on the same day that Jackson died. They had a hard time understanding why our news media, in its non-stop hysteria over Jackson’s demise, had so little attention to spare–none, actually–for Lt. Bradshaw and others who gave their lives in a cause even more noble than moonwalking.

I can’t answer their question, but I’m happy to pass on an email I received today from Move America Forward. The email is titled, “Honor the Jackson Five.” Only this “Jackson Five” are the first five American servicemen and women named Jackson who gave their lives in Iraq. For some reason it doesn’t appear on their web site, so I’m reproducing the email as a series of three screen shots; click to enlarge:


We’re glad to give our readers the opportunity to take a moment to honor these five Jacksons. Their funerals may not have been televised, but they lived and died in service of a cause that will be remembered long after the ephemera of popular music are forgotten.


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