McCarthy’s four questions

In the course of his post on the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran-backed terrorists and the release of a terrorist responsible for murdering American troops, Andrew McCarthy asks four questions:

Will no one ask about why we have released an Iran-backed terrorist who is responsible for the 2007 abduction/murder of our troops (five murdered, four of them after being kidnapped) in Karbala?

Why are we still in negotiations with an Iran-backed terror network to release the network’s leaders? Even if that were not a stupid idea on its face, have we learned nothing from the last go-round? In exchange for the terrorist described above, we got back two dead bodies of British hostages — i.e., not even the five live British hostages whose freedom we were foolishly hoping to secure.

Finally, why is this being done at a time when the Iranian regime is not only murdering and repressing its own population but, as Michael (Ledeen) pointed out yesterday, is continuing to support and train terrorists to kill American military personnel in Iraq?

This morning’s Washington Times story by Sara Carter and Eli Lake reports that Senators Sessions and Kyl have sent a letter to President Obama expressing concern over reports that the administration negotiated “directly or indirectly” with terrorists for the release of British hostages in Iraq. The White House has denied negotiating with terrorists and repeated that denial Wednesday, though McCarthy contended otherwise in his long June 24 column on the matter.

McCarthy concluded his June 24 column with another question: “Where is Congress?” It appears that Senators Sessions and Kyl have at least begun to answer that question.

JOHN adds: The timing of this disclosure, which McCarthy calls “the most shocking story we have had in a steady stream of shock since the start of the Obama presidency,” is unfortunate. It coincides with the news that the Taliban has captured an American soldier in eastern Afghanistan. If these terrorists murder their captive and our troops apprehend them, will Obama let this gang go, too? It’s time to man up, Barack.

Meanwhile, our prayers are with the captured soldier, who has not been identified, and his family.


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