Rick Perry Explains How It’s Done

In a time when many states are experiencing fiscal crises and economic decline, one state stands out above all others as a success story: Texas. I recently heard Governor Tim Pawlenty say that during the year or so before job growth turned negative and the country as a whole was still adding payroll jobs, 53% of all of the jobs created in the U.S. were created in one state: Texas. No wonder that Texas’ government is running a surplus and its economy remains strong despite trying times.

At PJTV, Glenn Reynolds has a new show called InstaVision. Today he interviewed Texas governor Rick Perry. It was a fascinating conversation, in which Perry explained the “secret” behind Texas’ economy and denounced the Obama administration’s cap-and-tax bill. Glenn and Governor Perry talked about the tea party movement and upcoming festivities in Dallas, too. Go here to watch the interview.


InstaPundit has lots of tea party coverage, too; contrary to some predictions, the tea party movement is going strong.


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