The new “hammer” in action

I am reliably informed that Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office sent an email to a number of lobbyists for corporations asking their companies to pay for “thank you” ads for ten Democrats who voted for the House cap-and-trade legislation. The ten Democratic members presumably are those most vulnerable in 2010 by virtue of their vote. They are:

John Boccierri (D-OH-16)
Zach Space (D-OH-18)
Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH-15)
Steve Driehaus (D-OH-1)
Frank Kratovil (D-MD-1)
Mark Schauer (D-MI-7)
Martin Heinrich (D-NM-1)
Baron Hill (D-IN-9)
Leonard Boswell (D-IA-3)
Scott Murphy (D-NY-20)

One can only imagine what the reaction would have been to a comparable attempt at strong-arming by Tom DeLay.


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