Triumph of the will

In his post on President Obama throwing out the first pitch at the All Star game on Tuesday night in St. Louis, Paul noted the weird camera angle Fox used to show the pitch (video below). Andrew McCarthy directs interested readers to the video posted here (24 seconds in) to see the pitch from a conventional angle. McCarthy refers to Obama’s “spastic motion” throwing the pitch.

The video is also embedded here in the ESPN article by Jim Caple on the first pitch. ESPN insists that the ball reached the plate on the fly (it appears that Obama bounced it to Albert Pujols, who was stationed on home plate itself) and includes testimonials from several players to Obama’s outstanding form. “It was a great pitch,” said Pujols.

As the father of three daughters, I spent a lot of time teaching my kids not to throw like girls. Is it now politically incorrect to put it that way? Obama is impressive in many ways, but he throws like a girl.


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