Worst Fauxtography Ever

We’ve written a lot of serious stuff today. This one is just for fun, via J.M. Guardia, the BarcePundit in Barcelona.

Spain’s current scandal involves Alberto Saiz, director of the National Intelligence Center, who was accused of taking exotic trips on the Spanish taxpayer’s nickel. In particular, it was alleged that he went on a fishing trip off Senegal at public expense. Saiz defended himself by putting out this picture of the fishing boat in question; the salient fact is that he isn’t on it. Click to enlarge:


Looks pretty persuasive, except…look at the guy holding the swordfish or whatever it is on the right. His head, specifically–it’s the same head as the guy in the khaki shorts, second from right. Great photoshopping, Senor Saiz! Here is the actual photo, pre-Photoshop. That’s Saiz with the fish:


What’s remarkable about this, of course, is that Saiz was Spain’s head spy. Let’s hope we’re not depending on Spain for any heavy-duty cooperation in the war against Islamic terrorists.


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