Who’s Afraid of Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Nancy Pelosi says the health insurers are “villains,” and the Obama administration has retooled its “health care reform” proposal as “health insurance reform,” seeking to take advantage of the unpopularity of insurance companies. So today’s Rasmussen survey asked likely voters an interesting question: when it comes to health care decisions, which do you fear more–insurance companies, or the government?
By a 51-41 percent margin, respondents said they fear the federal government more. This seems right to me; I really don’t understand why anyone would be afraid of an insurance company. The breakdown is interesting, too. People who actually have health insurance are much more afraid of the government, but people who don’t have health insurance fear insurers more than the government. Could that be why they don’t have insurance?
Beats me. But the Democrats may not want to turn the health care debate into a popularity contest between the federal government and anyone else. Not even insurance companies.