Adolf Resurgent

One of the many odd aspects of the current political crisis over government medicine is the apparent comeback of Adolf Hitler. Nancy Pelosi started it by asserting that opponents of Obamacare were bringing swastikas to townhall meetings. The claim was ridiculous; she just made it up. But the Hitler meme hasn’t gone away.
The next phase was even weirder. Left-wing TV networks MSNBC, NBC and CNN made a deliberate effort to associate an image of Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache that was created by the Lyndon LaRouche organization with the Obamacare protesters, virtually none of whom have ever heard of LaRouche. For the record, LaRouche is a nut, a Communist or former Communist, a member of the Democratic Party, and a candidate for President who did rather well in Democratic Party primaries as recently as 2000.
Today, Presidential spokesman Bill Burton made the remarkable claim, on Fox News, that anti-socialized medicine protesters are “showing up at events dressed up as Hitler, with signs evoking Nazi Germany…”

This is completely insane. Anti-government medicine citizens are doing no such thing. They are showing up at events dressed like normal Americans to express their concerns about the bills that have been introduced in Congress and to ask questions about what government officials intend to do. The Examiner’s David Freddoso contacted the White House to ask what support they have for Burton’s claim. So far, no response.
So what are we to make of these ridiculous lies being peddled by members of the Obama administration and other liberals?
Many conservatives have pointed out the Democrats’ hypocrisy: swastikas were popular, in liberal circles, for most of President Bush’s term in office. Democrats constantly accused President Bush and others in his administration of being Nazis. Suddenly, now that we have a Democratic President, liberals have developed an allergy to Nazi imagery such as that produced by fellow left-winger Lyndon LaRouche. They are outraged–finally!–at such absurd attacks on an American President.
That’s a fair point, but I think it understates the craziness on the left, as manifested by people like Nancy Pelosi and Bill Burton. Their hallucinatory attribution of swastikas and Hitler costumes to citizens who oppose them on socialized medicine is a continuation of their false attribution of swastikas and Hitler analogies to President Bush and others in his administration from around 2003 until 2008. Basically, they are so ill-informed, so hateful and so intellectually lazy that the first idea that comes to mind whenever they are faced with political opposition is to try to associate those who disagree with them with Nazi Germany. That’s always been crazy, but perhaps its craziness is becoming more patent when the targets are senior citizens who attend townhall meetings on health care.