Sheila Jackson Lee: On the hotline

In the video below, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee explains her making or taking a call while a question was posed to her at a townhall by the lady who testified to the excellent heath care treatment she received for her cancer. It turns out that, according to Rep. Lee, she was on the congressional health care hotline — to Linda Douglass? — if, as she otherwise suggests, the video was not in fact “doctored” (no pun intended). The video of Rep. Lee on the phone during the townhall in her district can be seen here.
Writing from memory, I recall General Buck Turgidson taking a call from his “secretary” at the time he was deliberating in the War Room with President Merkin Muffley over how to prevent a nuclear apocalypse in Dr. Strangelove. Around the same time, President Muffley placed an important call on the hotline to Soviet Premier Kissoff. All by herself, Rep. Lee may top Dr. Strangelove several times over in her performance with Rick Sanchez on CNN. This video has be seen to be disbelieved.

UPDATE: One commenter thinks Lee was channeling President Merkley on his hotline call with Premier Kissoff: “I am fine as well, Dimitry. Well, then, I am fine and you are fine. Yes. I agree, Dmitry. It’s good to be fine.”


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